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GRAND CHUTE wisconsin Flower Delivery


Appleton WI Florist

At Memorial Florists, we take pride in being your local Grand Chute, Wisconsin florist, offering the freshest blooms and plants for every occasion. We understand that sometimes you need a thoughtful gift delivered promptly. That's why we provide same-day flower, plant, and gift delivery services to our Grand Chute customers, ensuring your gestures of love, sympathy, or celebration arrive exactly when they need to.

At Memorial Florists, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products to our customers in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. Our team of experienced florists hand-selects each bloom and plant to ensure that every arrangement is crafted with the freshest, most beautiful flowers available.

In addition to offering same-day delivery services, we also offer a wide range of gift options to complement your floral arrangement. From chocolates and balloons to personalized gift baskets, we have everything you need to make your gesture even more special.

Our team at Memorial Florists is committed to making your experience with us as easy and convenient as possible. We offer online ordering through our website, as well as over the phone for those who prefer a more personal touch. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions or help you choose the perfect arrangement for your loved one.

As a local florist, we are proud to be a part of the Grand Chute community and strive to give back whenever possible. We support various local organizations and charities, as well as participate in community events throughout the year.

Thank you for choosing Memorial Florists as your go-to florist in Grand Chute. We look forward to continuing to serve our community with beautiful, thoughtful floral arrangements and gifts for all occasions. Remember, whatever the occasion may be, we're here for you. Let us help you make your loved one's day just a little bit brighter with our fresh flowers and personalized gifts.  So next time you need flowers or gifts for a special occasion, think of Memorial Florists! We are your trusted local florist here to make your moments even more memorable.  So why wait? Place an order with us today and experience the quality and convenience that our customers have come to love. We promise to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations every time. Thank you for choosing Memorial Florists!


Grand Chute, Wisconsin is a dynamic town known for its inviting atmosphere and its commitment to community growth and development. As a part of the Fox Cities area, Grand Chute boasts a diverse economy and a family-friendly environment, with numerous parks, recreational facilities, and retail establishments contributing to the quality of life for its residents. Among the local businesses is Memorial Florists, renowned for providing the community with exquisite floral arrangements and heartfelt service, embodying the local spirit of care and craftsmanship that Grand Chute prides itself on.

Located in Outagamie County, Grand Chute offers a mix of urban and rural living, making it an ideal place for both young professionals and families. With its close proximity to major cities like Green Bay and Appleton, residents have access to all the amenities and opportunities of big city life while still being able to enjoy the peacefulness of small town living.

But Grand Chute is more than just a great place to live – it's also a thriving hub of culture and entertainment. The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center hosts Broadway shows, concerts, and other events throughout the year, bringing world-class entertainment right to the town's doorstep. And for sports fans, the Timber Rattlers Minor League Baseball team provides exciting games at their state-of-the-art stadium.

Grand Chute also takes pride in its commitment to education, with highly-rated public schools and a variety of private school options. The town is home to Fox Valley Technical College, providing advanced training and technical degrees to prepare students for successful careers. With a strong focus on community involvement, Grand Chute offers numerous opportunities for residents to get involved and make a positive impact in their town.

In addition to its many amenities and opportunities, Grand Chute also boasts a strong sense of community. Local events such as the weekly farmers market, summer concerts in the park, and holiday parades bring residents together and foster a strong sense of unity. With its welcoming atmosphere and dedication to growth and development, Grand Chute truly embodies the spirit of Wisconsin and is a wonderful place to call home.





Farm-Fresh Flowers

Memorial Florists offers the best selection of farm-fresh flowers in Grand Chute. We take pride in being a conscientious member of the community, understanding that our choices have far-reaching impacts. By opting to source flowers responsibly, not only do we commit to the economic growth of local farms, but we also promote the preservation of ecosystems. Our commitment goes beyond beauty—it is about nurturing relationships with those who harvest our flowers, and minimizing our ecological footprint while gracing life's moments with nature's finest offerings. When you choose Memorial Florists, you're not just receiving a bouquet; you're supporting a network of passion-driven individuals, dedicated to delivering quality and sustainability in each bloom.

At Memorial Florists, we believe in the power of community and the impact of our choices. That's why we prioritize sourcing flowers responsibly. Not only does this support local farms and economies, but it also promotes the preservation of delicate ecosystems. We understand that our actions have far-reaching consequences, and we are committed to making positive contributions to our environment.

But it's not just about sustainability for us. We also prioritize building relationships with those who grow and harvest our flowers. By supporting small, passionate flower farmers, we can ensure that each bloom in our bouquets is carefully chosen and nurtured with care.
At Memorial Florists, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint while still providing the finest offerings from nature for life's special moments. When you choose us, you're not just receiving a bouquet; you're supporting a network of individuals who are dedicated to delivering quality and sustainability in each and every flower. Join us in our mission to create a more beautiful and responsible world, one bloom at a time.

We recognize that the floral industry has historically been known for its negative impact on the environment, but we are determined to change that narrative. By carefully selecting our suppliers and sourcing from local farms, we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting flowers across long distances. In addition, we work with farmers who use sustainable growing practices, such as using natural pest control methods and conserving water.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Memorial Florists & Greenhouses offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with every floral bouquet that we design and deliver. If for any reason you don't absolutely love the fresh flower bouquet that we have created and delivered, just contact one of our floral design centers. We will replace that bouquet with one of equal or greater value. We will redeliver the new flower arrangement on the date you select, absolutely free of charge. 



Dendrobium orchids are a diverse genus of orchids with over a thousand species that are known for their vibrant colors and long-lasting flowers. They originate from Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and parts of Australia, thriving in a variety of climates from hot, humid lowlands to high-altitude, cooler mountains. Memorial florists often use dendrobium orchids in bouquets due to their striking beauty and symbolism of purity and sophistication. Additionally, their impressive vase life makes them a preferred choice for both fresh floral arrangements and lasting commemorations.

Dendrobium orchids are a popular choice for floral arrangements due to their unique appearance and symbolism. They come in a wide range of colors, including shades of pink, purple, white, and yellow, making them suitable for any occasion.

Ecuadorian roses are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, characterized by their remarkable size, vibrant colors, and significantly longer vase life compared to other varieties. These roses flourish remarkably well due to Ecuador's unique geographical location and climatic conditions, with rich, volcanic soil and high altitude providing intense sunlight. This optimal growing environment contributes to the development of roses with more substantial heads and thicker, longer stems, making them a preferred choice in luxurious floral arrangements and events. The combination of their aesthetic appeal and longevity has made Ecuadorian roses a popular element in floral designs, symbolizing a perfect blend of beauty and resilience.

Ecuadorian roses have been a significant part of the country's economy since the 1990s, with rose farms being one of its primary industries. The industry has provided employment opportunities to many Ecuadorians and has contributed significantly to the country's overall development. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards sustainable farming practices in rose cultivation, ensuring that these beautiful flowers are grown in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. This shift towards sustainability has not only benefited the environment but also the workers, who are now receiving fair wages and improved working conditions.

Gladiolus, also referred to as "sword lilies" due to their tall, pointed leaves, are flowering plants known for their striking, elongated floral spikes adorned with a multitude of blooms. Designers at Memorial Florists prize gladiolus for their vibrant colors, impressive height, and the elegant line they bring to floral arrangements. They serve as a captivating focal point or a statuesque backdrop to softer blooms, adding both structure and drama to any bouquet.

Gladiolus, with their origins in Africa and the Mediterranean region, have a rich history dating back to Ancient Rome. They were named after the Latin word "gladius," which means sword, due to their shape resembling that of a Roman soldier's sword.

Stock flowers, known scientifically as Matthiola incana, are popular in floral designing for their delicate texture, vibrant colors, and delightful fragrance. These blossoms carry a traditional charm that adds a romantic touch to arrangements, with their dense clusters of blooms creating a lush visual impact. Their popularity also stems from their versatility in designs, being equally at home in a casual bouquet as they are in a sophisticated floral display. Moreover, stock flowers are sought after for their ability to stand up well in a variety of conditions, making them a reliable choice for florists and event planners alike.

Stock flowers, also referred to as gillyflowers, are closely related to other popular flowers such as carnations and sweet williams. They originated in southern Europe but are now widely cultivated all over the world. The name "stock" is believed to come from the Old English word "stoc," meaning a stick or a stake, which may refer to the plant's sturdy stems. This quality makes them an ideal choice for tall arrangements or floral installations, providing a strong base to support other flowers.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal and versatility, stock flowers also hold cultural and symbolic significance. In Victorian flower language, stock flowers represent beauty that comes with charm and lasting affection. They are often included in romantic bouquets or given as gifts to express admiration and devotion. In ancient Greece, stock flowers were dedicated to the gods Apollo and Zeus as symbols of love, beauty, and immortality.



At Memorial Florists, we pride ourselves on providing the finest selection of sympathy flowers in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. Our compassionate and dedicated team is committed to helping you express your condolences with an elegant and respectful floral arrangement.

We understand that losing a loved one is never easy, and we strive to make the process of choosing sympathy flowers as stress-free as possible. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through every step of the selection process, ensuring that your tribute perfectly reflects your sentiments.

In addition to traditional sympathy arrangements, we also offer personalized options for those who want to honor their loved ones in a unique way. From custom designs to incorporating personal items into the arrangement, our team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind tribute that truly captures the spirit of your loved one.

At Memorial Florists, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and high-quality products. We source our flowers from local growers whenever possible, ensuring that your arrangement is not only beautiful but also supports our community. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has made us the go-to florist for sympathy flowers in Grand Chute.

Standing sympathy sprays, with their elegant and vertical presentation, create a focal point of beauty and reverence within funeral services and memorial events. These floral arrangements are carefully curated to honor the memory of the departed, each bloom selected for its symbolic meaning and contribution to the overall aesthetic. Roses, for their part, communicate deep affection; lilies symbolize the restored innocence of the soul; while chrysanthemums and carnations are often chosen for their traditional associations with mourning and tribute. Their combined beauty not only serves as a testament to the life lived but also provides a measure of solace to those who gather to mourn.

In addition to their symbolic significance, standing sympathy sprays also offer a practical purpose in funeral services. Their height and structure make them easily visible from a distance, allowing for those who may not be able to approach the casket or urn to still pay their respects. This is especially meaningful for large gatherings where not everyone may have had the opportunity to get close to the departed during their lifetime.

Furthermore, standing sympathy sprays add a touch of elegance and formality to commemorative events. The vertical arrangement creates a sense of grandeur and respect, honoring the departed in a dignified manner. This is particularly important for formal services or funerals where the tone may be more somber and traditional.

Casket sprays act not only as a final gift to the departed but also as a focal point of beauty and remembrance during the funeral service. Each flower chosen can carry a specific meaning or remembrance, from red roses that signify deep love and respect, to white lilies that evoke purity and peace. The inclusion of certain blooms can also reflect the life or hobbies of the deceased, such as incorporating gardenias for a gardening enthusiast. Professional florists often work closely with families to ensure that these arrangements provide comfort and convey a heartfelt message in a time of sorrow. The care taken in selecting and crafting these sprays is a testament to the enduring bond between loved ones and the enduring impact one life can have on many.

Casket sprays are not just a simple arrangement of flowers. They hold deep meaning and significance in honoring the deceased and providing comfort to their loved ones. Each flower chosen represents something special, whether it be a symbol of love, purity, or a reflection of the person's interests and passions.

Sympathy flowers are a time-honored way to express condolences. Flowers like lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums are traditionally chosen for their symbolism of purity, love, and grief, reflecting the complex emotions experienced during mourning. When arranging sympathy flowers, it's important to consider the preferences of the bereaved, perhaps choosing blooms that were significant to the loved one they have lost. This personal touch can offer a profound connection and serve as a heartfelt tribute.

Flowers have been used to convey messages and emotions since ancient times. In the language of flowers, each bloom carries its own symbolism and meaning. For example, lilies are associated with purity and innocence, while roses represent love and passion. Chrysanthemums, on the other hand, symbolize grief and mourning.

In times of loss and grief, flowers can offer solace and comfort to the bereaved. They bring a touch of beauty and life to an otherwise somber occasion, serving as a reminder that even in death, there is still beauty in the world. As such, choosing the right flowers for sympathy arrangements is an important task.



In addition to spreading beauty across personal celebrations and significant milestones, Memorial Florists is also dedicated to serving Grand Chute, Wisconsin's spiritual centers. Our daily flower delivery service caters to all the local churches and houses of worship, ensuring that they too can be adorned with fresh, vibrant floral arrangements that complement the sanctity and solemnity of spiritual gatherings.

We understand that flowers play an important role in religious and spiritual ceremonies, symbolizing purity, life, and renewal. That's why we make sure to use the freshest and most beautiful blooms in all our arrangements, paying special attention to detail to ensure that each floral piece is a representation of faith and devotion.

Our team at Memorial Florists also takes great care in creating custom-made arrangements for different religious events, whether it be for a baptism, confirmation, bar mitzvah, or any other special occasion. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, ensuring that each arrangement is tailored to reflect the unique beliefs and traditions of their faith.

Here are some of the churches we provide daily flower, plant and gift delivery for:

  • St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church: A congregation that's part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod offering services and fellowship opportunities in Grand Chute.
  • New Hope Presbyterian Church: A welcoming community church that provides worship services, religious education, and outreach programs.
  • Pathways Church: Known for its contemporary worship style and vibrant community outreach efforts.
  • Grand Chute Baptist Church: Fostering a faithful Baptist community with a focus on biblical teachings and family values.
  • Faith Lutheran Church: A member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, offering traditional and contemporary worship services.
  • St. Pius X Catholic Church: Serving the Catholic community in Grand Chute, this church offers mass, confession, and various religious education programs.
  • Apple Valley Presbyterian Church: A gospel-centered ministry providing worship services and community engagement opportunities.
  • Fellowship Bible Church: Emphasizes bible-based teaching and offers various programs for all age groups.
  • St. Mary Catholic Church: One of the oldest parishes in the Fox Valley area, offering rich historical worship experiences.